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Considered the most exclusive area of Phuket, Nai Harn Beach is located at the southern tip of Phuket Island. Villa Suksan ‘Naya’ is only 2 minutes driving to the beach, nestled in a very secluded area just right in the boundaring of Puravarna Resort.  Aspiring residents can now opt for a 2 or 3 bedroom villa offered at very attractive pre-construction prices.


Master Plan

Lay out

Resort Plan

Rental Guarantee program. Your holiday property is probably one of the best investments you could make. If you do not intend to stay here long term, an excellent way to cover the cost of the property is to consider letting it for either long term, or shorter holiday periods.

You can make a substantial income on your investment or just cover the annual costs associated with the ownership of your property. For our high-end villas a rental income is guaranteed for the first three years.

A full time hotel management and booking service will operate through a professional real estate/hotel management company established in Thailand since 1999. This will be linked real time into all the major travel and tour operator systems.

Villa specifications

Concrete footing

Reinforced concrete column & Beam System

Roof tiles:
Shingle is laminated to provide a remarkable dimensional thickness, not only for strength, durability and weather resistance but also to create an extraordinarily beautiful look. Its double layer construction, using an extra-heavy fiberglass mat and tough modified sealant, provides superior durability and wind resistance (Limited wind warranty coverage up to 70 mph -112 Km/h). Shingle roof has a 30 year warranty.


  • To be dark blue tiles 3 inches.
  • 1 filter tank: Emaux sand filter V500
  • 1 filter pump: Emaux pump SC 1 HP
  • 1 automatic chlorine filter (salt optional)
  • 2 underwater spot lights 100W 12V: Astral Extra Plano + transformer, junction box
  • 1 manifold in 2.5: PVC suction collector in 2.5″ with 3 valves in 1
  • 1 ball valve: PVC ball valve 1.5″
  • 1 check valve: PVC check valve 2″
  • 2 union: PVC union 1.5″

Swimming pool has a 5 year warranty.

Flat ceilings under concrete roofs to be 9mm plasterboard, white painted. Sloping ceiling cover in ply wood in the Master Bedroom. finished with matt polyurethane.

Walls generally 
To be flat plaster finish painted.

Bedrooms to be ‘maka’ wood with polyurethane finish. Living, dining  room & passage floors to be white polished cement (maka wood optional). Precast sandstone tiles gray color in the terraces and gray sandwash or polished cement in the car parking.

Wall fences
Boundary walls to be finished with colored textured cement  Wall top caps to be finished in Balinese style with polished cement  to match terrace pavers.

All wiring to be concealed and to be run in approved PVC conduit. Earth wires to be run to all electrical outlets & hardwired components and to terminate at an approved earth spike. Switch plates, switches, dimmers, 3 pin sockets, TV and phone sockets in bedrooms and living room.

Windows & doors 
All wood and doors  to be hard wood with clear glass. External Doors to be sliding and screen glazed timber frames.

Shower walls to be selected mosaic 1 inch. Vanity shelf to be concrete structure with gray marble counter top. WC to be American Standard or equivalent  in white color with hand spray fitting. Exterior shower (when available) to have fixed rain shower head.

Air conditioning 
4 wall type split units “LG” or equivalent (remote controlled)
13000 BTU in the bedrooms
13000 BTU in the living and dining room

Provide 1 telephone line and cables/satellite TV sockets. (Wi-fi Internet optional)

Waste treatment 
All grey & black water to be piped by gravity feed to a individual septic tank hidden behind the house for the sole use by one household unit.

Water Supply
Water from onsite artesian well hidden in the car parking floor.

Hot water to be reticulated in copper pipe from water boiler located in the utility room (underground). Cold water supply to be in approved PVC conduit.

Electrical supply
Underground from public supply at road. Individual meters at each villa.

Garden area to be landscaped with tropical plants and instant grass.

Villa dimensions

Two bedrooms

Area details Sq.m.
Living room 22,10
Dining room and kitchen 20,60
Master Bedroom 22,27
Master Bathroom 12,00
Second Bedroom 18,55
Second Bathroom 5,50
Walk in closet 6,25
Garage 34,34
Indoor area 141,61
Sundeck 49,45
Swimming pool 28,40
Outdoor area 77,85
Total built area 219.46

Three bedrooms

Area details Sq.m.
Living room, Dining room and kitchen 64,57
Master Bedroom (1) 21,95
Master Bathroom (1) 14,45
Walk in closet (1) 4,17
Master Bedroom (2) 21,95
Master Bathroom (2) 8,94
Walk in closet (2) 5,61
Third bathroom 5,83
Office / 4th Bedroom 11,90
Garage 34,17
Indoor area 159.37
Sundeck 76,34
Swimming pool 38,00
Outdoor area 148,51
Total built area 307,88


Area details Sq.m.
Third bedroom 22.50
En suite bathroom 5,50
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