Villa Suksan: discover Southern Phuket.

Suksan means ‘happiness’ no other word
would better describe your dream home in

Calm and tranquility

Villa Suksan® is inspired by the simple desire to eliminate all the superfluous, achieving natural order, calm and tranquility. A few magic essential elements help to make you live in harmony with the tropical environment. Generous windows and abundance of glass ensure you to experience the pleasure of feeling at one with the tropical surroundings.

A beautiful swimming pool interconnects the pavilions, reflecting its light on the spacious sundeck and interiors. A perfect garden, no matter what its size is, showcases exotic plants and foliage that persists throughout the year. The villas have been designed and built to provide an extraordinarily beautiful look. The spacious and elegantly designed swimming pool is the focal point of the property, finished in the traditional Andaman dark blue ceramic tiles, with underwater lighting providing an elegant and romantic atmosphere in the evening. All Villas come with exceptional standard features like vaulted ceiling lined with Teak wood plus Tabek solid wood floors in the Master Bedroom, luxurious half mood bathtub in the ensuite and infinity edge swimming pool. Living room, dining room, second bedroom & passage floors are designed with simple yet clean flowing ceramic tiles with an option to have Tabek wood throughout. Natural sand-wash finish on the terraces and in the car parking area complete the design perfectly, complementing the contrast between the natural wood and flowing water.

Why so attractive ?
Inspired by Feng Shui The Villa Suksan project is based on the tradition of Feng Shul, the well-known oriental philosophy whose origins have been lost in time. Anyone who is inclined to purchase a villa for his vacations is usually attempting to escape from a stressful life that is almost always pursued within the four walls of an apartment or an office. When we created Villa Suksan our first aim was to guarantee a direct contact with nature. The breath of nature is the power that flow through the earth: wind and water are the two elusive elements that characterize Villa Suksan and the Feng Shui philosophy. On entering the house, you immediately come into contact with water through a passageway connecting the garden with the main terrace.

The large number of windows causes the wind to blow through the walls of the house, thus creating a visual link with the vegetation and other natural elements. The bedrooms are separated from the rest of the house; the main bedroom was deliberately situated higher than the living room area, thus creating two separate, but still connected pavilions . The bathrooms contain handmade bathtubs.

As a final note, the soft colors chosen for the interiors and the roof, together with the green of a lovely garden, and the distinctive blue of the swimming pool and attractive waterfall, remind you of the colors and the sounds of the sea…

Customer oriented

Villa Suksan puts into practice all its own technical –planning know-how, leaving its clients wide margins of personal touches, both aesthetic and functional. By offering several different lay-outs, the client can choose different solutions with two or four bedrooms. Purchasing a Villa Suksan home means bringing your own personality to the interior spaces, creating a habitat that completely reflects your own life-style.

Thanks to our contractual power developed over the years, and thanks to our knowledge of the territory, Villa Suksan has no fear of competitors. Our clients can approach the purchase of a Villa Suksan starting from 230,000 Euros (299,000 US$).

Attentive After-Sales service
The owners who intend to use their villa for only limited periods can become a part of our “Resort Program”. The villa will be part of the vacation-rental portfolio offered by 1,500 agencies. Internet portals, plus local and
international Tour Operators give the buyer the guarantee of an important income from the rent. A team of technicians, maintenance crews and managers will take care of the management of the villa and of all the procedures concerning the welcoming of guests, handling reservations and collecting payment.


Rawai Bay is a peaceful and romantic hideaway of Phuket Island. Isolated from the outside world but strategically located a few
minutes driving to Nai Harn and Kata beach, Villa Suksan development is situated in the horse path of Rawai Riding club, surrounded by rubber plantations and palm tree.




Ownership Structure

You can lease the land and house or own the VILLA freehold (in your own name) together with a 90 years lease contract for the land (a 30 year lease with two prepaid 30 year renewals). The land lease will contain a purchase option that could be exercised in the event the laws of foreign ownership changes – or you re-sell the property to a Thai individual or juristic person. In this way you will have effective ownership, yet still remain within the laws of Thailand. To reduce closing costs and registration fees, we give you the option of also leasing the villa with the same 90 year lease contract.

When purchasing the villa, you can choose to:
1). Lease both the Villa and the Land, in which case the lease registration fees will be equally split between the Seller and the Buyer; or
2). Own the House Freehold and Lease the land, in which case the registration fees, duties and taxes for the transfer of the Freehold Property (house) are paid by the buyer. The lease registration fees for the land will be equally split between the Seller and the Buyer.



Concrete footing

Reinforced concrete column & Beam System

Roof :
Why do we shingle our roofs? Shingle is laminated to provide a remarkable dimensional thickness, not only for strength, durability and
weather resistance but also to create an extraordinarily beautiful look. Its double layer construction, using an extra-heavy fiberglass mat and tough modified sealant, provides superior durability and wind resistance (Limited wind warranty coverage up to 70 mph -112 Km/h). Shingle roof has a 30 year warranty from manufacturer.


  • To be dark blue tiles 4×4 inches
  • Automatic chlorine filter (salt optional 75,000 baht)
  • 2 underwater spot lights 100W 12V

Flat ceilings under concrete roofs to be 9mm plasterboard with white npaint. Vaulted ceiling covered in Teak plywood in the Master Bedroom finished with white or natural matt polyurethane.

Walls generally 
To be flat gypsum plaster finish painted.

Master Bedroom, living room, dining room, second and third bedroom & passage floors to be Parquet Gres flooring (maka wood optional). Grey or black tiles the terraces and sand wash in the car parking.

Wall fences
Boundary walls to be finished with colored textured cement  Wall top caps to be finished in Balinese style with polished cement  to match terrace pavers.

All wiring to be concealed and to be run in approved PVC conduit. Earth wires to be run to all electrical outlets & hardwired components and to terminate at an approved earth spike. Switch plates, switches, dimmers, 3 pin sockets, TV and phone sockets in bedrooms and living room. Electricity from main supply at road. Individual meters for each villa.

Windows & doors 
Sliding or folding (optional) aluminum doors with clear glass. Interior doors in local Hardwood.

Shower walls to be concrete with acrylic paint or selected 1 inch mosaic (optional). Optional Shower floor with Teak Wood. Vanity shelf to be concrete structure with black marble or terrazzo counter top. WC to be American Standard or equivalent in white color with hand spray fitting. Exterior shower (optional) to have fixed rain shower head.

Air conditioning 
3 wall type split units “Daikin” or equivalent (remote controlled) 9,000 BTU in the bedrooms and 12,000 BTU in the living /dining area.

Provide 1 telephone line and cables/satellite TV sockets. (Wi-fi Internet optional)

Water treatment 
All grey & black water to be piped by gravity feed to an individual septic tank hidden behind the house for the sole use of one household unit

Water Supply
Water from onsite artesian well hidden in the car parking.

Hot water to be circulated in PVC from water boiler located in the utility room (underground). Cold water supply to be in approved PVC conduit.

Garden area to be landscaped with tropical plants and instant grass


Vila Suksan – Info

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Marc Partiti – Rental Marketing and Management
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